Tiff is such a cool dude. He’s done everything – racing, TV, and charity. But the 66-year old hasn’t picked up bird watching or even talking about the future of EVs from the comfort of a seat. Now, he’s still taking risks and driving hard, as you’ll see from this review of two cool V8-powered SUVs.

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While everybody is concerned with plugging in, Tiff can’t even be bothered with driving the diesel trucks. We were surprised to see him in a brand new YouTube video, looking as effervescent as in the Fifth Gear days.

The only thing that could have possibly made this better is to have Jason Platon in there as well. But he’s busy play with his Hondas or something. Real men who have adult relationships end up with plenty of kids. And some of them are lucky enough to be able to afford a V8 performance SUV.

These two are not direct rivals and have thus never been compared before… as far as we know. As you might have guessed already, the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 has a bigger engine that runs on gasoline and baby squirrels while the Audi SQ7 packs the most amazing 4.0 TDI with two standard turbos and an electric supercharger.

The reason the SQ7 sounds as good is something we like to call fake exhaust. It has nothing to do with the mufflers, as the sound is coming from fancy speakers.

Another reason why we can’t compare them is the fact that the GLE 63 costs about 20,000 GBP more. The argument being made is that the AMG performance is fantastic. But you don’t want to rush your kids to 60 mph; you want the Audi adaptive suspension. The other guy is also blown away by the SQ7’s interior. Maybe we’re going to remember his name by the next time Tiff makes another YouTube appearance.

The GLE is not that comfortable, but the SQ7 runs on diesel. So if you could only have one SUV, which would you have?


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