The Cheapest Tesla Model S Variant Just Got Cheaper: $69,500


For just about five years now, Tesla has been playing around with both the pricing strategy and battery capacity as far as the Model S is concerned. The full-electric sedan went through another change almost overnight only recently, as the Palo Alto-based EV manufacturer operated alterations to the price and equipment.

The big news is that the cheapest variant of the Model S, the 75 kWh, now costs $69,500. In other words, that’s a $5,000 price drop. It isn’t a lot of money considering how expensive the Model S can get after speccing it properly, but props to Tesla for making this change. But wait, there’s more!

The entry-level Model S 75 now ships with a sizable panoramic glass roof and an automatic rear power liftgate, two pieces of kit that were previously offered as optional extras. On the downside, Model S 75 buyers can no longer get smart air suspension. Then there’s the matter of 60 to 75 kWh upgrades.

Previously priced at $9,000, unlocking the 60 kWh battery’s full potential now costs $2k. Facelifted Model S 70 vehicles can do the same for $500, down from $3,500. The Model S 90D is also cheaper than before, now going for $87,500 instead of $89,500. As for the Tesla Model S 100D and P100D, retail pricing jumped from $95k to $97,500 and from $134,500 to $140k, respectively.

On the subject of options, the things worthy of taking into consideration are the Premium Upgrades Package ($3,500) and Enhanced Autopilot ($5k). Customers living in colder climates (i.e. the Snowbelt States) needn’t look any further than the Subzero Weather Package, which costs a cool $1,000.

Having said these, it will be interesting to see how the entry-level Model S will fare in terms of sales once the Model 3 comes around in July. Bearing in mind the least expensive Model 3 is expected to cost $35k before applying government incentives, the other end of the scale should be edging $60k.

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