Mention Tesla Motors’ name these days and an obvious question comes to aficionado’s minds: will the real-world incarnation of the Roadster II live up to the hyper delivered by the jaw-dropping numbers released at its surprising launch? Nevertheless, until we get to see the electric supercar hitting the market in 2020, the Model S P100D still likes to show Italian exotics how the sprinting game is played.
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Case in point with the drag race we have here, which sees the Model S duking it out with a Ferrari FF.

Of course, since we’re talking about a four-seater Maranello machine animated by a naturally aspirated V12 and an electron juice sipper, this is an apple-to-orange comparo.

With that out of the way, we’ll proceed to mention that this Prancing Horse has been taken down the aftermarket route, albeit only receiving light touches.

To be more precise, the FF was gifted with an x-pipe that saw the cats being retires, as well as with an iPE exhaust – the Taiwan-based specialist delivers some of the loudest hardware out there, so the atmospheric 6.5-liter V12 of the FF can fully express its feelings and emotions.

The Maranello machine was also gifted with a set of custom wheels, but there have more to do with grabbing attention than weight reduction.

The Ludicrous Mode-gifted Tesla and the Ferrari unfortunately duked it out on the street. Nevertheless, the drivers did take the time to fight on three separate occasions, two of which saw the velocity demons going for standing starts. So yes, Launch Control shenanigans were involved, but the adventure we’re talking about also included a rolling take-off.

As for the number aficionados among you, the video of the speed brawl delivers all the figured you need.

P.S.: Make sure to turn up the volume before reaching for that “play” button.

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