Tesla Model 3 Production Could Be Delayed By Threats of Strike in Germany


Keeping your employees satisfied is just as important as respecting your clients. Successful companies know this, and Tesla should have figured it out by now.

When the union, which is the representative of the employees in front of the enterprise, is unhappy, the firm’s situation is in jeopardy, even if the problems happen many miles away from the headquarters.

In this case, the production of the Model 3 risk delays because of this scandal, but nothing is exactly certain at this point.

According to a report from Welt am Sonntag, a recently acquired company that used to be named Grohman Engineering has a group of disgruntled employees who are part of the IG Metall union in the country. The resulting subsidiary is called Tesla Advanced Automation Germany, and it has about 660 employees on its payroll.

According to workers’ representatives from IG Metall, the workers at Tesla’s facility get about 30% less than the union pay scale. The difference is about $268 (EUR 250) a month more than what they receive at this moment.

The American automaker has proposed an increase in pay that would lead to revenues higher by EUR 150 ($160) per month, but the union’s reps are requesting an increment of about EUR 400 ($428) per month.

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Reports claim that the automaker even promised an additional compensation program through its TSLA stocks, but it was not received with joy by the representatives of the workers.

There’s a chance that the two parties will reach a consensus on the wages, but this situation is not going to be good for the Model 3’s launch.

As InsideEVs remarks, the representatives of Tesla Grohmann Automation Germany will use next week to look into the possibility of organizing strikes in the future.

Since the facility manufactures components for the Model 3, among others, the flow of production in Fremont, California, could be interrupted by the delays brought by strikes.

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