Volvo is one and a half cars away from completing its “60” range. After the V60 Cross Country and S60, they are going to focus on the new V40 hatchback, possibly even an S40 sedan.

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The same company that owns Volvo also started the Ling & Co brand, which already sells one car in China. Their 03 sedan has been spotted undergoing winter testing in Scandinavia while wearing a little less camouflage than before.

The 03 might not become a huge deal in America or Europe, but it could suggest an S40 sedan is on the way. This would compete directly with the Audi A3 and four FWD models of similar size from Mercedes and BMW.

You might not remember the S40, but it was made until 2014 by Volvo’s Ghent factory in Belgium. That’s the same place they make the XC40 right now.

There’s even a preview concept of sorts, the 40.2, which had a hatchback opening like the Skoda Octavia and a crossover-like high riding position.

The Lynk & Co 03 doesn’t have a hatchback, but it does boat a cool rear window that curves around like a Samsung phone screen. Its very high beltline is also reminiscent of the 40.2 concept. However, the sports body kit and dual exhaust give it an aggressive overall appearance.

Even though it looks like a Golf GTI competitor from the back, the engine range of the 03 will be tailored to meet Chinese consumer demands. Thus, we predict a 1.5-liter turbo with 180 HP and an 8-speed gearbox will be the mainstay of this luxury car.

A plug-in hybrid version is also likely, as Volvo recently put two such systems on its V60 wagon. It’s too early to get take this Chinese sedan seriously, but with a target of 500,000 annual global sales next decade, Lynk & Co and its 03 sedan are probably going to be seen everywhere.

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