Senior Jubilee politician with huge appetite for land bullying Mike Sonko?


– The rumor has is that Mike Sonko is being bullied by a certain senior Jubilee politician days after he appointed Polycarp Igathe as his running mate

– The Jubilee honcho has agreed to support Sonko in his quest for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat on condition that he appoints his cronies as County Executive Committee members

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko’s decision to choose immediate former Vivo Energy CEO Polycarp Igathe may be a surprise to many but in the inner sanctum of the Jubilee party, that is not the case.

The architect of the Igathe deal can now be revealed.

According to the rumour mill, the selection of the Vivo boss was done with the blessings of a powerful and senior Jubilee party leader.

Is this the hidden hand behind Sonko's decision to appoint Polycarp Igathe as running mate?
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The politician known for his appetite for land agreed to support Igathe and in return, Sonko will return the favour.

In the transaction, the Senator will be compelled to appoint a known close confidant of the powerful Jubilee man as the County Executive Committee member for Lands and Physical planning to protect his vast interests in the city.

Our sources reveal that part of the deal includes land reclamation and illegal transfer of pieces of land worth billions to holdings where the the senior Jubilee leader has interests.

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Is this the hidden hand behind Sonko's decision to appoint Polycarp Igathe as running mate?

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These include among others land in the prestigious commercial area of Upper Hill and Central business district. It also includes land on Ngong road, industrial area and the high end residential estates of Kileleshwa and Lavington.

This comes even as the Jubilee leader is accused of knocking down the careers of several politicians. In fact, sources reveal this is part of his grand plan to remove some people from power.

The Jubilee honcho is also pilling pressure on Sonko to transfer grain storage warehouses in Industrial area.

Those close to Sonko are said to be worried about the new tactics and the manner in which he is blackmailing the Senator.

However, Sonko is said to be unhappy because his preferred running mate was a certain MP from Nairobi.

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Is this the hidden hand behind Sonko's decision to appoint Polycarp Igathe as running mate?

The Jubilee strongman is also working with a renown Nairobi billionaire with an intent to control the transport industry and abolish taxis from Nairobi so that the business man’s vehicles which he has hired out to a local taxi hailing company can take over.

It is further rumored that the Jubilee man has already planned his people in the campaign team to hoodwink Sonko. Already, he has submitted lists of names to be nominated as CEC members in Sonko’s Government.

In Mombasa, the Jubilee leader is fronting a certain politician to be a candidate for a certain seat against the wish of the Jubilee leadership while he is also said to be behind a certain gubernatorial candidate in Rift Valley.

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