Second-Generation Hyundai Veloster Prototype Hides Cleaner Look, Odd Doors Stick


Hyundai might have dropped heavy cladding and a psychedelic wrap over the second-generation Veloster, but the prototype spied here isn’t fooling anybody, at least not while it’s wearing the wacky door layout that brought the current incarnation of the model under the spotlights.

Nevertheless, unlike the Hyundai Veloster you can currently find in showrooms (that’s where plenty of examples sit, since not too many have found a home), the test car for the new one seems to pack cleaner lines.

Doors aside, the cluttered styling was one of the aspects that worked against the funky compact.

Speaking of the pathway to and from the vehicle, the Veloster still looks like a coupe when viewed from the driver side, while it resembles a five-door hatch when you look at it from the passenger side.

The rear side door seems to have received a more generous window, thus aiming to reestablish the practicality vs. looks balance affected by the lack of a door on the other side.

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Your trip to the supermarket in a Veloster should also be improved with the help of the wider hatch – the taillights now stretch further towards the center of the vehicle.

It seems that the cleaner styling details will be mixed with a sportier identity, as the roof line of the test vehicle seems to be lower than before. And, trying to peek through all the covers sitting atop of the rear window, it appears we’re dealing with a more aggressive angle, which would also serve the purpose mentioned above.

The outgoing Veloster was affected by the modest driving experience it delivered and we’re expecting Hyundai to change this for the newcomer.

Heck, the second coming of the odd-door might even have something to do with the mid-engined compact madness the carmaker has been testing at the Nurburgring. Following three concepts sporting a similar layout, a production version of the RM16 N prototype would make for an awesome mid-engined halo sportscar that could boost sales of civilian Veloster models.

Since the second-gen Veloster isn’t expected to land until next year (it should come as a 2019 model), we have plenty of time to see what Hyundai is cooking.

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