There’s something undeniably “John Lenon” about ice hotels. When winter loosens its grip, they melt, thus stopping you from forming an attachment to material things.

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However, nobody has ever tried to apply the same philosophy to cars. Sure, people have been attempting to make biodegradable ones, but never a vehicle that melts in the spring.

According to video, the SUV is made from Siberian ice, six tons of it. So with the chassis underneath taken into account, it means this ice-born machine is three times heavier than the original.

The bones of this creation come from an old UAZ, he 459 by the look of it. It was used by Soviet and other Warsaw Pact armed forces, so you can think of it as the utilitarian, purely made but quite reliable G-Class of the USSR.

After removing the rusty old body, the guy created a frame out of square tubes and got to work using his trusty ice-sculpting chainsaw.

Have you noticed how everything looks a bit like a G-Class? There’s the Suzuki Jimny from Japan, the BAIC BJ80C from China and the Mahindra Scorpion from India.

However, we doubt that this is inspired by any of those. In fact, with the fender flares looking so bulky, this sculpture seems to represent the G63 AMG.

The frozen car looks nice during the day, but it’s spectacular at night when LED lights permeate the transparent body. It’s like one of those bio luminescent creatures from the bottom of the ocean, trying to impress a potential mate.

Plenty of Russian mobsters patrol the streets in their V8-powered German SUVs. But we tip our hat to this guy, because his car is one of a kind. And after it melts next spring, he can cut some more ice into something else. Maybe he’ll make the G63 6×6 or a Porsche Cayenne.

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