We could start this story by mentioning the Velar and F-Pace again. Google would love us for that. But we’d instead tip our hat to The Straight Pipes and their way of doing reviews.

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These Canadians have proven that the things regular people care about are just as important in a review – what’s the satellite radio like, do the sun visors cover everything, how many boxes fit inside the trunk.

Why is the comparative review between the Velar and F-Pace important? Because they’re supposed to be very similar, based on the same Jaguar Land Rover architecture, available with the same engines and fitted with the same toys. Don’t believe us? Check out the photo of the two keys!

Both of these are fitted with the 3-liter supercharged V6 engine making 380 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. They’re fast, but they don’t feel as powerful as the numbers suggest.

However, the Range Rover Velar is the only one fitted with multiple off-road modes and optional air suspension that changes the ride height.

Looks are significant in this segment, and we think the Range Rover Velar is amazing. But you expect that considering the F-Pace is noticeably cheaper and a couple of years older. The Jag is the only one with red brake calipers, though. It also sounds way better. Every little bit helps…

The gadgets in the Velar are fantastic, but also quite difficult to use. As you might know, even the buttons on the steering wheel are capacitive, while the screen on the dash adjusts its angle according to your preference.

Weird stuff? Well, the Velar has a metal piece going around the entire steering wheel. So the heating only covers the back. Otherwise, it would burn your hands. Honestly, it’s for this geeky stuff that we watch The Straight Pipes.

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