One in Three British Drivers Admit They Fear Parallel Parking

A recent survey exposed that one in three British drivers go to significant lengths to avoid completing driving maneuvers because they fear they might get them wrong.

Parallel parking is at the top of the list, with 30% of all drivers question admitting to avoiding it whenever possible. The fear is even stronger when the driving test is concerned, with two-thirds of drivers saying that they feared to do a parallel park.

The second most-feared maneuver was reverse parking, while the third was doing a hill start.

Three-quarters of motorists in London interviewed by ICM for Kwik Fit said they feared being asked to do a parallel parking in their driving test. Their homologs in the East of England, as well as other less-crowded areas of the country, did not have similar feelings on the matter.

Apparently, the fear of parking lives on after a person gets a full driver’s license, and some individuals with years of driving behind them still have a problem with this kind of maneuver. Reverse parking and doing a hill start probably are a cause for concern for some Britons.

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Four percent of the 2,009 adults interviewed said they hate doing a three-point turn, and 8% said the same about hill starts. What is more concerning is that 11% of the people who replied to the survey feared to do an emergency stop.

While parking a car is not exactly a life-or-death situation, doing your best to avoid an emergency stop could mean that you have no clue on how to do it, and that you might be involved in a crash because of that fear.

If you have similar feelings regarding how to stop your vehicle in an emergency situation, contact an institution that offers defensive driving classes and sign yourself up for one as soon as you can afford it.

No electronic system can help someone keep his or her calm in an emergency situation behind the wheel, but practicing in a safe environment helps mitigate any fears on the matter.

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