MIKA’s Collaboration with Peugeot Makes 108 Look Like a Clio RS


When carmakers are stuck for ideas on how to promote their small hatchbacks, they other go for color/special editions or celebrity backing. But Peugeot did both in this ad for the 108 that features MIKA.

The artist is known for having an Austin Healey Sprite, so he likes them crammed and brightly colored. In the Peugeot range, things don’t get more so than the 108, a city car which seems to have even brighter personality than usual.

For about half of the commercial, the 108 sports a bright yellow color reminiscent of the golden tones seen on RS models. It’s had many variations over the years, but the closest one can be seen on the Clio 200 EDC.

The 108 Collection line is also displayed here in blue, red, and white. Hit the car with a giant ball and it changes color – how original.

“It is an honor to be associated with such an iconic French brand – Peugeot. I have grown up with it my entire life and have always loved their aesthetic and design. The new campaign is a fun collision of my world and that of the 108! We had a great time creating it and you can feel it watching the ad,” said MIKA.

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The car company goes even further to suggest a “perfect pairing” between the 108 and the urban, imaginative and elegant artist. Will the marketing work? Only if you’ve got the right customer, who’s willing to buy a Peugeot instead of rivals like the VW Up! or Renault Twingo just because of MIKA.

But just to give the 108 Collection a fighting chance, Peugeot is offering €2,000 off with every purchase this spring. The smallest model in the range continues to be built alongside the Toyota Aygo and Citroen C1 at the Kolin factory in the Czech Republic.

Available both as a 3- and a 5-door, the 3.5-meter machine is available with the 1.0 and 1.2 PureTech engines. Since the launch in 2014, they’ve sold about 60,000 every year, which is about half as much as they achieved during the 2000s highs.

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