Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan Production Rendering Still Looks Good

We love Mercedes preview concepts, even though they don’t always stay true to what’s about to happen. But just like the GLC Coupe study from a few years back, the Concept A Limousine has blown the Shanghai Auto Show away.

A compact sedan from a luxury automaker is nothing if not led by its design. Without the flashy interior or the oversized Mercedes grille, the current A-Class wouldn’t stand a chance against much more engaging hatchbacks.

But even though they also have the CLA, marketed in most markets as a sedan, the Germans want to have a full-fledged A-Class 4-door as well. We don’t blame them, and neither does BMW, who debuted the 1 Series sedan in China way before beginning testing for the controversial FWD 1 Series hatch.

There’s no way of knowing what the production model will look like, but this rendering from X-Tomi Design gives us our first clues. He added mirrors, wheels and other design elements from current models.

Something tells us that the lower front bumper won’t be a huge mouth-shaped intake. But the triangular headlights and Panamericana grille are likely to stick, at least on high-end models. The sharp face will take some getting used to, but it’s certainly more interesting than the vanilla E-Class.

We don’t know how we feel about this being the cheapest sedan Mercedes offers. On the one hand, the styling makes you want to say “welcome to the future.” But the CLA-Class was never taken seriously, while this will a full-fledged four-door five-seater powered by its front wheels, the very definition of brand dilution.

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We’ve heard plenty of horror stories regarding the reliability of the Hungarian-built Daimler models. That’s the area where a reputable brand with well over a century of history should focus most of its efforts. Unfortunately, the A-Class Limousine will be a hybrid self-driving computer screen with small engines.

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