McLaren Hints At 2+2 GT, Four Doors Not Happening

Ever since the F1 of the 1990s, McLaren as a manufacturer has always been interested in pushing the performance envelope. It is puzzling how well the automaker does these days compared to the Formula 1 team, but McLaren Automotive could surprise its most loyal customers with a four-seat model in the near future.

Speaking to Auto Express, the chief executive officer reiterated that a sport utility vehicle is out of the question. Mr. Mike Flewitt further notes, “I can see four seats, but not four doors.” In other words, McLaren refers to a 2+2 GT.

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. Ferrari did a great job with the FF, and the GTC4Lusso is an ever greater effort. In keeping with ever-increasing interest for the three-door shooting brake, the Italian outfit now offers the front mid-engined bruiser in two flavors: V8 power or a V12.

“It could be either Sports Series or Ultimate Series and I could see the GT further enhance its usability and further move in that direction if that vehicle could have at least a 2+2 configuration,” added Flewitt. If McLaren would base its 2+2 GT on the entry-level Sports Series, what name would the new model be given considering that there’s a GT already in the lineup, serving as the comfort-minded supercar? Then there’s the Ultimate Series, which will soon welcome a hybrid-powered three-seat hyper GT codenamed BP23.

Make no mistake about it, but if there’s a case to be made for a four-seat McLaren, then that car won’t happen this decade. It should be noted that for a small company, McLaren has a lot on its plate as per the Track22 product plan. Of the 15 all-new models or derivates slated to debut in the six-year period, the Macca boys already revealed the first: the jaw-dropping 720S.

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Another priority for McLaren is electrification. Aiming to have at least 50 percent of its lineup relying on gas-electric propulsion by 2022, the Woking-based manufacturer is also eyeing an all-electric vehicle, as in a hypercar.

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McLaren X-1 Concept pictured.

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