A minor crash in Simi Valley, California on Friday night ended with one police officer being injured after a motorist struck a police motorcycle. The officer was part of Justin Trudeau’s motorcade on the second day of Canada’s Prime Minister visit to California.

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BMW 530d Saloon police car
According to New York Times, the injured officer was trying to block a road four miles from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. As he got into position, a vehicle attempted to go around the motorcade and, as the police motorcycle moved in to stop it, it got struck.

The police officer was taken to Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center in Thousand Oaks to be treated for minor injuries. Officials are still investigating the incident, and have not yet released further details.

“It’s still under investigation, but likely the driver of the vehicle will be found at fault,” commander Roy Jones of the Simi Valley Police Department was quoted as saying by the New York Times.

“The officer was thrown off the motorcycle. The vehicle involved in the crash was not part of the motorcade,” added Simi Valley Police sergeant Chris Johnson according to CNN.

The car involved in the crash was a Toyota Highlander and was being driven by a woman. Both she and her son were also taken to the hospital to be treated for non critical injuries. According to the driver’s husband, who was also in the Toyota, the woman did not see the police motorcycle.

“She saw one motorcycle pass, and she was not aware of the other motorcycles,” the man told The Independent.

The Prime Minister was uninjured in the crash, nor did his vehicle stop following the incident. Images from the scene also show a second police motorcycle on the ground, in the middle of a field of debris resulting from the collision between the two vehicles.

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