– Shocking reports have been released of Fruit dealers using toxic chemical agents to fasten fruit ripening

– The director of public health identified the chemical as calcium carbide which is mixed with water to produce the gas used in ripen the fruits

– The chemical compound which is used in industrial production of fertilizers and in welding poses a health risk as it causes cancer

Reports have emerged that the colorful fruits that catches the eyes and draws a buyer to a fruit stand pose health risk.

The ministry of health has raised concerned about individuals using toxic chemicals to ripen fruits especially mangoes and bananas.

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Health ministry has disclosed fruits dealers are using chemical to fasten ripening. Photo: Pintreset

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According to a report by Citizen Tv, Director of Public health Kevin Ombachu warned of dealers using toxic chemicals agents identified as Calcium carbide to fasten the ripening of the fruits

Calcium carbide is a compound used for industrial production of fertilizers and in welding.

When it comes into contact with water it produces a gas which is used as a catalyst in the ripening process.

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The chemical compound which has traces of Acernic and Phosphorus poses health risks to both consumer and workers who come into contact with the chemical during application.

According to scientific research the artificially ripen fruits can be identified by the patches of colours on them and they are bitter as they are premature.

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In a memo to public health officers, the director of health has called on the fruit dealers to desist from using the chemical in ripening of the fruits.

He asked the dealers to work with colleagues from ministry of Agricultures to tame the menace

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