Google Budget Software

In this distressed economy it is essential that we all pay very close attention to our finances. One way to do that is to use the free Google budget software. In a moment i will tell you how to find it on the home page but just know now that you do not need to invest in some expensive personal money management programs that will restrict what you can do with it.

Finding the Google budget software is easy. If you do not have one already, go to the home page and sign up for a free email account. This only takes a few minutes and you need to have one to be able to sign in. Once you are all signed up and signed in, go to the “More” option on the left hand side of the page. Click here and there will come up all the things you can do with the big “G”. Scroll down to “Google Docs” and click on it.

This will open up the home page and all you have to do here is click on the red “Create” button on the top left hand side of the page. Doing this will lead you to the templates page where you will select the template for the Family Budget Planner. When I did this the Family Budget Planner was the first thing listed and I just clicked the “Use this Template” button.

This planner is rated by users with 4 1/2 stars and is very detailed. If you choose to use this template you will have no trouble finding spaces to put all of your financial information. There is even spaces to put in what you project you will spend for food and healthcare for your pets.

Just start at the top and work your way down the list filling in all of your financial information. Make sure you have all of your bills, insurances, and other expenditures all handy so you won’t have to go hunting all through the house to find stuff.

One downside is that you will not be able to link this spreadsheet to your bank accounts so all information must be entered manually and any changes that need to be made as well. You will not get reminders on when to pay your bills either. They can be listed but that is all that this is, is just listing them and. You weill need to access this program weekly to see when some bill needs to be paid.

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A good thing is that this spreadsheet will take you out for one full year so if there are not a lot of changes that need to be made once it is done then you will not have to mess with it very often. You will be able to see everything at one glance for the entire year. This year at a glance is also good for planning out vacations or business trips or even holiday shopping well in advance.

Using Google budget software it is easy and will help you manage your financial world very well.