Form one cancer survivor badly assaulted at a Karatina boys’ school


– A Form one student has reportedly been beaten up at the Kiaritha Boys High School in Karatina to the point of having a blocked bladder

– He was beaten up on Wednesday, May 10 by unidentified students who are yet to receive punishment from the school

– Reports on social media say that the boy was only taken to the hospital on Saturday, four days after the assault

A form one student has reportedly suffered a blocked bladder after he was pummeled by unidentified students at the Kiaritha Boys High School in Karatina.

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The bullies reportedly kicked him in the belly causing a traumatic injury to his bladder and the consequential blockage.

He was reportedly taken to the Karatina District Hospital on Saturday , May 13 after his pain became unbearable.

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After noticing that the boy had been assaulted, the hospital asked the school to procure a P3 form from the Karatina police station.

The school did not obtain a P3 form instead, they took the boy to a small clinic near the Karatina town.

Form one cancer survivor assaulted at a school in Karatina, suffers blocked bladder

The young form one boy who is also a cancer survivor

The boys condition did not improve and he found means to communicate to his father who came to the school promptly.

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According to the post on social media, the school denied claims that the young lad had been assaulted.

The boy was taken by his guardian from the school for specialised treatment on Tuesday, May 16.

Form one cancer survivor assaulted at a school in Karatina, suffers blocked bladder

The Kiaritha High School in Karatina town

It has since emerged that the young feeble-looking boy is a cancer survivor. Why anyone woud target him is still a mystery.

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The guardian of the parent via Facebook post called for action to be taken on the school administration.

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