Floyd Mayweather Bough Two LaFerraris, One White and One Red

Yeah, I’m just like him. One time, I liked a pair of socks so much that I had to have two of them. While the biggest name in boxing has an extensive collection of supercars already, they are outdated: Enzo and two Bugatti Veyrons (use to be three).
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But he had cash to burn, decided the LaFerrari is the perfect addition to the collection and he bought not one but two – one in red and the other in white. The fact was revealed by Mister Money himself during an interview done on his private jet. And if you think that’s so like him, wait and see the $100,000,000 check he flashed!

Now, we’re not quite sure if one of those LaFerraris is the Aperta, though Mayweather has always been a fan of convertibles and two of his Veyrons are just that, including the Grand Sport Vitesse worth $2.2 million.

White and red are reassuring colors for him. Once he put together a collection of white exotics that included two Bentleys, two Rolls-Royces and a couple of Ferraris. Also, he had a bunch of classic Prancing Horse supercars finished in the obvious color: red.

Reports suggested that Mayweather’s most expensive car is a $4.8 million Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. Apparently, he also paid $3.5 million for the new Bugatti Chiron, but we can’t find any pictures of him and the car, so it hasn’t been delivered.

You can never feel bad for this guy because he makes more money in one minute of fighting than most people make in a lifetime.

By comparison, Conor McGregor has a relatively modest collection. Sure, he’s got the usual Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. But not two of everything.

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You might be able to argue that Mayweather is reckless with his money, but he even addresses that in the interview, saying that his investments are doing well and he can still afford to keep the jet and staff. We’ll let you know once he uploads photos of the LaFerraris to social media.

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