Maserati is one of the top tier automakers that have recently decided to jump the crossover bandwagons. SUVs sell like hotcakes these days, which explains the Trident brand’s decision. But has this diluted the spirit of the marque? Well, according to Doug DeMuro, the answer is, sadly, positive.

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The Journo has recently played with a base-spec Levante, a vehicle that came with a financial side of around $80,000.

Now, if you’re wondering whether Doug took his time with the Levante, the answer is a big, fat “yes” and that’s because, as he explains, he spent at least 500 miles behind the wheel of the luxury crossover.

The YouTube aficionado’s video might feel a bit like a rant, but there are also plenty of arguments that sustain its expected objectivity. For one thing, Doug spends enough time talking about one of the top assets of the Maserati Levante, namely the driving experience it delivers. And the icing on this gp-fast cake involves a Porsche Cayenne comparison.

However, there’s no reason for you to fear the journalist playing the purist card and simply bashing the Levante because it is the badge that saw Maserati putting its name on an SUV.

In fact, it’s no secret that Fiat Chrysler, which is the Italian automaker’s parent company, is struggling to keep its financial figures in the desired area. And the corners cut in order to reduce costs seem to be the ones lead to the journalist being disappointed by multiple aspects of the car.

However, you’ll notice Doug saying that he might wish to ride the depreciation wave and grab such a high-riding machine in a few years from now.

P.S.: Make sure you stick around until the end of the clip, since that’s where you’ll find a high-horsepower reference that might just give you the thrills.

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