My Boyfriend Left Me – Do I Want Him Back

Wow, what a punch in the stomach. You were just dumped. It can be a shock, even if all the signs were there. Now comes the hard part, what to do next? If you've...

How to Raise Your Kids in a Balanced Way

Although everyone has their own different styles of parenting, there are 4 main styles of parenting. These four different styles are authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved. Uninvolved parenting is really just a lack of parenting....

How To Find Love As A Senior

It can be a little scary at any time in your life when you are trying to find true love but even more so when you are a senior trying to find love again....

3 Categories Women Put You In Before You Meet

When approaching women, even before you have said a word or done anything she has already unconsciously put you into one of three categories: I Like Him I Don't Like Him Undecided Now that you are aware of...

Use International Dating Services To Find Love

Can you really find that special person with international dating services? You have as much a chance of finding a special soul mate through a service like that, as a local dating service. In...

Learn To Be Romantic With Your Girlfriend

Has the romance in your relationship disappeared? Is it time for a refresher course on how to be romantic with your girlfriend? When you first start dating everything is very romantic - you have...

Dating Men With Children

If you are older and are re-entering the dating scene you may find you will be dating men with children. This is more and more commonplace these days, men getting awarded full custody or...

Writing a Profile With Spark

A profile is an online representation of yourself so why not represent the best parts of you? There are four areas of a profile that you should keep in mind: honesty, creativity, research, writing....

How To Save A Relationship

Do you want to know how to save a relationship? As time goes by, the flames of a relationship may tamper down. If both of parties do not know how to save a relationship,...

How To Get An Ex Back For Guys

Guys are pretty simple creatures, I admit it. Our wants and needs are few, and we usually mean exactly what we say. However, there are times when the women in our lives just don't...

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