2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake Teased, Debut Date Set For June 14

The F-Pace is nice and all. But however many Jaguar may sell, it doesn’t have the elegance of a longroof, a body style that has been missing from the British automaker’s lineup for quite...

Here’s How The C7 Corvette Changed For Model Year 2018

2018 is an important model year for the Corvette. Not only will the seventh-generation ‘Vette be made available in ZR1 form, but the addition of the LT5 V8 is something to look forward to....

Tesla Model 3 Release Candidate Spotted Next to a Model S Prompts Comparison

So the Model 3 is almost ready to go into production. It feels like this car has been with us for so long now, and that's because Elon Musk chose to ignore the way...

Skoda Reveals 2018 Karoq Design Details in New Photos, Digital Dash Appears

Just like that, the Karoq name because real and we got multiple sightings of the car in just a few weeks. An official unveiling is scheduled for next Thursday, and the Czech carmaker is...

Nissan Announces Nismo Expansion, Could Mirror BMW M Sport Equipment Lines

Nissan has announced the founding of a new division called Nismo Cars Business Department with the quoted aim of "developing more appealing products in a shorter time" and promoting them through dealers and motorsport....

2018 Ford Mustang Detailed In Fleet Brochure

The sixth-generation Mustang was introduced in the 2015 model year, so it comes as no surprise that 2018 brings forth a mid-cycle refresh. Revealed in January, the facelifted ‘Stang still leaves many questions unanswered....

Chris Harris Drifts BMW M2 and 1M Coupe for Top Gear

The crazy hype surrounding both the BMW M2 and the older 1 Series M Coupe has died down. But Chris Harris says he can pick the reviews he makes for Top Gear, and he...

2018 Porsche 911 GT2 Flies Like a Nurburgring Devil, Could It Set a New...

Nurburgring prototype spotting is supposed to offer us a sneak peek, but, on certain occasions, this kind of activity only ends up making us weak in the knees. So while, for instance, a recent...

2017 Ford GT Owner Reportedly Offering to Sell His Car For $700,000

In case you haven't been out camping in the mountains with no Internet access, you know that Ford recently held a review session for the 2017 GT. And while we've talked about the driving...

2017 BMW 520d and 530d Kick Off Touring Season, Configurator Launched

Marking the start of the test driving season, BMW has released more photos and videos of its all-new G31 5 Series Touring. More specifically, the 520d base model and 530d are getting detailed. Of...

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