Porsche 911 GT3 Driver Fights Nurburgring Spin in Agonizing Near Crash

Flogging a Porsche 911 on the Nurburgring makes for a hate-it-or-love-it kind of experience. If you get it right, the chassis balance will reward you with the most refined driving sensations. Nevertheless, allowing yourself...

Diesel vs. Gasoline Comparison Explained With Identical Crossovers

Because of the Volkswagen emissions scandal, the popularity of diesel engines has declined significantly. Several automakers have declared they will stop further development of this technology, but it will be quite some time before...

First Opel / Vauxhall Crossland X Review Suggests It’s Got French Quirks

Nowhere is Opel's partnership with Peugeot more apparent than in the new Crossland X model, a car which is described as having French characteristics in its first UK review. The big one is the...

This Is How a Nearly Cautious Porsche 918 Spyder Nurburgring Lap Looks Like

Earlier this week, we showed you a Porsche 918 Spyder that hit the Nurburgring. And this didn't have anything to do with the official flight that recently saw a Zuffenhausen halo car jumping from...

BMW M2 Nurburgring Near Crash Sees Lucky Driver Getting Saved by The Nannies

Whether we're talking about advanced electronics such as BMW's latest-generation DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) or the understeer net built into most sportscars' handling configuration, such electronic nannies are there for a reason and we're...

Ford Adds Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Support on MY2016 Cars With SYNC 3

Ford has made a software update for the SYNC 3 infotainment unit, which is designed to enable Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support in MY2016 vehicles. It can be installed using an USB stick...

Milk Delivery Truck Spills Most of Cargo on Road, Nobody Cried Over It

A seemingly regular delivery for a truck driver turned into a two-hour road closure in Bergenfield, New Jersey. The driver had to stop the truck not far from where he had to deliver many...

Tram Driver Falls Asleep At the Controls In the Morning, Londoners Are Outraged

London is a big and intricate capital, and its transportation system is proportionately complicated. The UK’s capital city’s residents were outraged this week as a video of a tram driver asleep at the controls...

EVE.RYN BMW i8 “Dark Knight” Spotted in Japan, Has Crazy Red Interior

You guys might have seen this tuned BMW i8 a few months ago. Some Japanese tuning company nobody ever heard about decided to go mental and make the "Dark Knight Edition." The body kit...

UK Elections: Two Parties Are Interested in Banning Internal Combustion Engines

The Liberal Democratic Party has pledged to ban the sale of diesel-engined cars from 2025 if it wins the election. Meanwhile, the Conservatives have promised voters that they would work to make “almost...

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