A camouflaged test mule of what we know is the all-new generation of the BMW Z4 was just filmed by our spies at the Nurburgring. It shows test engineers getting a little frisky with the rear end but probably keeping traction control on.

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The 2019 Z4 is a car that very nearly didn’t happen. Last year it was among the slowest selling cars in America, along with the i3 hybrid sports car. Roadsters are bad business, and BMW would have made another generation without a partner: Toyota.

While Supra successor will have one or maybe two versions, the Z4 will stick to the German way, which is to offer as many powertrains as is humanly possible, starting with a 2-liter that makes under 200 horsepower. That one will compete with the Audi TT and the entry-level Mercedes SLC roadster. This particular Z4 is near the top of the range, as it’s making 3-liter turbo sounds.

The styling of the 2-seat convertible has already been previewed by the Z4 Concept in Pebble Beach. The wide grille and minimalist approach to adding design details are undoubtedly going to end up on the production car.

The video showcases the trademark proportions all Z4 have had, which include a low stance and long nose. It’s like a budget Mercedes-AMG GT C. And while it won’t have the power to compete with the V8, the Z4 M40i should deliver 350 HP or more for a 0 to 100 km/h time of around 4 seconds. There will even be an M40i Competition Package for those wanting some hardcore action and up to 380 HP.

Earlier spy photos of the interior showed an entirely new instrument cluster with a tablet on the dash and several cues from the 8 Series flagship.

The G29 is expected to be introduced around the middle of the year and will enter production in October.

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