BMW 130i Has Silly Nurburgring Crash, Gets Trashed

Adenauer Forst is one of the most infamous corners on the Nurburgring, as the arrival of the S-section sees novices running wide and ending up on the grass. In fact, this is the reason for which we like to call this bend the trampoline.

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And if we compare this twist to the other YouTube-famous Green Hell corners, we notice that it leads to fewer crashes than, say, Schwedenkreuz, Brunnchen or Kallenhard.

Nevertheless, Adenauer Forst does have its fair share of accidents and we’re here to show you one that seems downright silly.

The crash involves a BMW 130i and while we can’t see the moment that causes the rear-wheel-drive compact to slide out of control, the sheer location of the accident is enough to raise questions.

To be more precise, the driver of the Bimmer lost the rear end on the Adenauer Forst exit, a section that should see things going smoothly – those who are unfalimiar with the setup of the Nordschleife will understand this after checking out the clip of the accident.

The guy behind the wheel wrestles the car, but it doesn’t take long until the 1-Series meets the guardrail. Surprisingly, one of the rear doors opened during the first impact and we can see the curtain airbags being deployed.

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Despite the BMW sliding around quite a bit before each of the two encounters with the protection element on the side of the track, the car took a lot of damage in this accident. And while it’s difficult to assess the matter judging solely by what we can see in the piece of footage below, the car could be totaled.

And with the BMW 1-Series set to make the switch from RWD to FWD next year, we’re expecting many performance driving fans to find this crash difficult to swallow.

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