Babu Owino’s former deputy chases men away all because of Uhuru


– To show her unwavering support for Jubilee, a former University of Nairobi vice chair has sworn to abstain until September 2016

– Irene Kendi deputised Babu Owino who is a member of the National Super Alliance

– It remains unknown why former UoN student leaders are renown for making outrageous statements when it comes to politics

Many will probably wonder what kind of water University of Nairobi’s student leaders drink after Babu Owino’s former deputy, Irene Kendi, took to social media with a rather unexpected pledge to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In her Sunday, June 18, post that attracted comments fast and furious, the former student leader swore to abstain from all intimate activities until President Uhuru’s re-election is confirmed.

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Former SONU vice chair Irene Kendi

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During her interaction with those commenting on her post, she clarified that the ban will also be in place until her home county, Meru, elected Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi as the senator.

According to her, the time she’d waste being close with a partner is best utilized in mobilising voters fro both candidates and intimacy can wait until September 2016.

Below are some of the comments to her post:

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irene kendi fb post

Kendi swore to abstain until UhuRuto secure another 5 years in office.

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irene kendi fb post

Irene Kendi speaking at a Linturi rally.

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Her former leader also has a tendency of spewing shocking things while at rallies or at demonstrations, most of which have now been picked by opposition politicians in their speeches. Owino is a staunch National Super Alliance member.

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