After Hassan Joho, Raila is taken to court over his Educational credentials

– A Human Rights lobby group has moved to court to stop Raila from running for the presidency in August

– The group has cited among other things, the mega corruption scandals that Raila has appeared in the past decade

– Led by its lawyer, Robert Onyango, the group argued that Raila’s image is too tainted for hi to run for top office

A Human Rights lobby group has moved to court seeking to have Raila barred from vying for the presidency in August, has learnt.

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Human Rights Africa file the case on Wednesday, April 19 claiming that Raila’s image was too tainted for him to run for top office.

Through its lawywer Robert Onyango, the group cited the mega corruption scandals that Raila had been mentioned in; the Kazi Kwa Vijana Project, maize scandal, the Kisumu molasseses plant scandal and the Triton Oil scandal.

Forme Prime Minister, Raila Odinga adressing a crowd at a past event

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The group said that Raila’s name had not been cleared as the investigations into the cases had never been concluded.

“It is in public knowledge that investigations in the above mentioned scandals have never been concluded, and even if concluded, the reports have never been made public or acted upon,” the court papers read in part.

The organization said that Kenya’s image will be tainted should Raila be elected will all the accusations leveled against him.

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The issue of Raila’s Education credentials also arose.

The group claims that though Raila claims to hold a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering he only produced a certificate of education from Herder’s Insitute in Leipzig, Germany.

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The lobby group has further claimed that the institution that gave Raila a masters degree only got the university status recently and could not have offered degree courses in the 1970’s

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