Coming to the 2018 Paris Motor Show this fall, the Clio V will transition from the B platform to the CMF-B. The chassis, as you would expect, will be shared with the all-new Captur, Nissan Juke, the unnamed replacement for the Mitsubishi Mirage, as well as the ASX (a.k.a. RVR in Japan and Outlander Sport in the U.S.).
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Styling-wise, the prototype appears to combine styling from the Symbioz Concept and the Megane IV. Speaking of the compact hatchback, the Renault Sport is gifted with the 1.8 Energy TCe, a four-cylinder turbocharged engine shared with the Alpine A110 sports car. According to L’Automobile Magazine, the Clio RS will use it too. The cited publication quotes Philippe Brunet, general manager of powertrain software and calibration, for this information.

Considering that the Clio V will start arriving at dealers in early 2019, the Renault Sport should be presented in a timely fashion. What that means is, the French automaker will keep us waiting around a year or so until the all-new Clio RS will roll out.

With 200 more cubic centimeters than the current generation’s 1.6-liter engine and twin-scroll turbocharging technology, the newcomer promises to be a more thrilling machine than the Clio RS 220 EDC Trophy. In terms of output, bear in mind the Trophy develops 220 PS (217 horsepower) and 280 Nm (207 pound-feet).

Even though the 1.8 Energy TCe has potential, Renault Sport will detune the engine to avoid stepping on the toes of the Megane RS. Having said these, the Clio RS will overpower the Ford Fiesta ST that America doesn’t get thanks to superior displacement and four instead of three cylinders. The sweet spot would be somewhere in the ballpark of 225 to 230 PS, but we’ll have to wait and see if the automaker can make a case for this output.

In addition to the Cup Chassis option, the Clio RS will be furthered with the Trophy at some point in the future. And that’s a bit curious when you think about it, with the Alpine A110 packing 252 PS (249 horsepower) from the same engine. And what’s more, the 220 EDC Trophy and A110 are similar in terms of weight, with the hot hatch tipping the scales as the heavier one.

On that note, remember the Clio RS16? That bad boy had 275 PS!

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