As the excitement causes by last week’s start of the 2018 Geneva Motor Show dwindles in Europe, the excitement begins building up for the next big auto event of the spring, the 2018 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS).

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Already a number of carmakers have confirmed their premieres for the North American show, including Nissan, which last week said it would bring the new Altima to the Big Apple. On Tuesday, it was the turn of another Japanese automaker to steale the spotlight by previewing what new model it present for the first time.

The eagerly anticipated fifth-generation of Toyota’s RAV4 SUV will be at the center of the carmaker’s booth in Manhattan. Scarce on details when it comes to the novelties the SUV will bring, the Japanese did say the official unveiling would take place on the show’s first press day, on March 28.

Choosing the North American continent as the place to present for the first time the new RAV4 has been a well-planned move by Toyota.

Last year, the model ranked as one of the top sellers in the United States. The RAV4 sold 407,549 units in 2017, ensuring the fourth place for the Japanese brand overall (pickup trucks included) and the first place when it comes to cars.

Expectations are high for the new model, as the RAV4 has not gotten a proper upgrade since the release of the 2013 model year version. The 2015 facelift came as a well-deserved refreshment, but stopped short of providing extensive changes.

Toyota has been extremely tight-lipped about the new RAV4, and apart from some renderings and some whispered rumor here and there, few really expected the new RAV4 would be unveiled at the end of this month.

As the start day for NYIAS approaches, it is likely more info about the model will surface, from both official and unofficial sources.

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