We keep saying you shouldn’t be listening to the displacement snobs, especially when an all-new Porsche Cayenne is concerned.

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The V6 engines and this SUV have always gone hand in hand, and the one fitted to the latest S model is perhaps the best.

It’s an all-new generation developed in partnership with Audi. Rumor has it that because of EVs, this and the 4-liter V8 could be the last such units formed by the two companies.

As the displacement suggests, the 2.9-liter is shared with cars such as the Audi RS4 Avant and RS5 Coupe. But for this application, it produces 440 HP, ten less than in those quattro machines.

The Polish website Auto Centrum performed its acceleration tests with a V-box attached, and it read the 0 to 100 km/h sprint as taking 4.9 seconds. Officially, that number is supposed to be 5.2 seconds. Let’s not forget that unlike most other German cars, this one will do 265 km/h right out of the box.

By comparison, the RS5 does it in 3.9 seconds, but you have to remember that this is a 4.9-meter SUV. We would have brought weight into the discussion too, but at 2,020kg, the Cayenne S is freaking amazing. Even a Volvo XC90 equipped with a 2-liter is heavier.

Fuel consumption isn’t bad either. The same publication did a separate test where the Cayenne S manages 6.9 l/1kkm while cruising at 90 km/h. Anything above that and things get out of hand for us plebs. They say that driving normally, she will drink about 11.6 liters while having fun will cost you 20.3 liters.

But we’re not sure this Cayenne is going to be more successful. The first generation sold about 270,000 units between 2002 and 2010. The second one managed about half a million, but the competition is now much harsher.

And let’s not forget how many are saying it looks more like a Cayenne facelift instead of something all-new.

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